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ExpressPlates - Step 2 VIN Check

This does not apply to new vehicles which have not been titled by the selling dealer and which now have only the original factory MSO/MCO documents.

For pre-owned vehicles ( New purchase) from dealer or your own vehicle State Law requires that you provide a certified VIN (Vehicle Registration Number) verification. Take your vehicle to any Law Enforcement Agency, DMV Office or State licensed VIN verifier. They will compare the VIN on the vehicle and will then complete the VIN Check form with their address, officer name and badge number. If they do not have a VIN Check Form, you may obtain one from any DMV office, ask them to use their Police Department letterhead.

VIN check by Law Enforcement, your local DMV office or authorized VIN verifier is IMPERATIVE. It is extremely important that this be done BEFORE you ship the vehicle.

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