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About us

Carolina DMV Express Registration Service is a subsidiary of DMV Express Corporation, the first and largest automobile registration company in the United States. We provide personalized vehicle licensing services in all 50 States. Our mission is to assist the residents of South Carolina who want expedited services and people who are moving to South Carolina who are either purchasing a new vehicle from a new car dealer in another State, the registration of their own vehicle with Out Of State plates or the registration of a vehicle purchased in South Carolina.

We know that registration of a vehicle in any new State can be a frustrating and time consuming task that can lead to extreme anxiety. If you have moved here from another State you may have difficulty because the laws governing the registration of vehicles in South Carolina are much different than the laws in your current State.

Moving to South Carolina? The Plates by Mail Program, can save you money when you buy a vehicle out-of-state and ship it to South Carolina Learn about it here!

Sales tax

We know how to save you money on sales taxes as well. For example, very few people know that when you purchase a vehicle for shipment to South Carolina, you may not have to pay sales tax to the State in which the vehicle has been purchased and you may be able to take advantage of the lower sales tax that may be available to you in South Carolina, depending on the County in which you live.

Facts not stories!

We give you facts, not stories. We tell it like it is. Living in South Carolina is very beautiful! It can be even better when you don't have to deal with DMV problems. The story goes on and on, but one thing is for sure, we know what you need to know….from how to ship it properly, to private and personalized registration, licensing information, and tons of free and exact information about everything else you can ask for.

You'll get much more than vehicle registration at Carolina DMV Express ......We promise!